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Introducing High Speed UK (HSUK)…

HSUK has been developed by professional railway engineers to offer the people of the UK a real choice to the failing HS2 proposals.

HSUK’s blend of new high speed lines, upgraded existing routes and restored abandoned routes has been designed to achieve the following 8 primary objectives:

  1. Optimised connectivity with direct links between all UK principal cities.
  2. Radically reduced journey times on all intercity routes.
  3. A high-capacity integrated national network interlinking all regions.
  4. A new transpennine main line for passengers and freight to link the key cities of the Northern Powerhouse.
  5. New routes to link Midlands cities & fire up the Midlands Engine.
  6. Step-change reductions in transport CO2 emissions.
  7. Minimised damage to communities and environment.
  8. Minimised cost of construction.

Click on each point to learn how HSUK’s designed national network outperforms HS2 in every possible way.

Our Challenge to the Government and HS2 Ltd…

HSUK’s comprehensively superior performance as a national railway network raises massive questions as to the competence and the integrity of the processes by which the HS2 project has developed so far:

1. Why does HS2 fail to interconnect the UK’s principal cities?

2. Why does HS2 offer such meagre journey time reductions?

3. Why does HS2 perform so poorly as a national network?

4. Why does HS2 effectively sabotage the Northern Powerhouse?

5. Why does HS2 offer no direct links between Midlands cities?

6. Why does HS2 fail to offer meaningful reductions in transport CO2 emissions, as required by the 2008 Climate Change Act?

7. Why does HS2 cause such needless damage to communities and environment?

8. Why do HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail combined cost over £20 billion more to build than HSUK?

Our Challenge to the Government and HS2 Ltd is simple.

Please explain how HS2 and associated schemes (Northern Powerhouse Rail, Midlands Rail Hub etc) will deliver the best railway network for the people of the UK.

Please explain why those charged with developing HS2 have consistently rejected the superior-performing HSUK, and appear to lack any competence in designing a railway network.

Our Challenge to the people of the UK is even simpler.

The United Kingdom deserves the best possible railway system, delivering the greatest possible connectivity and capacity for the least possible cost and environmental impact.  It’s the Government’s responsibility to deliver this.

Please hold your Government to account.

For further information please consult:

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Mail: info@highspeeduk.co.uk?subject=From the Website Mail: boris.johnson.mp@parliament.uk?subject=Boris – you really need to look at the HSUK alternative’

“HS2 modelling is shocking, biased and bonkers.”

Margaret Hodge, Chair, Public Accounts Committee

“No economic case for HS2... it will destroy jobs and force businesses to close.”

Institute of Economic Affairs



High Speed UK - Connecting the Nation