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High Speed UK - Links to the North West

HSUK’s transpennine main line via the abandoned Woodhead corridor will provide a new direct route to link Manchester and Liverpool to Sheffield and Leeds, and onwards via HSUK’s Anglo-Scottish spine route to most other UK regions.  

This new route will be supplemented by a far-reaching upgrade of the existing Manchester-Stoke-Birmingham route, to reduce Manchester-Birmingham journey times to below 1 hour.

Central to the HSUK initiative are radical proposals to transform east-west links across Manchester:

HSUK’s man line will pass in tunnel under central Manchester, with new underground platforms at Manchester Piccadilly.

The existing terminating branch to Manchester Airport will be transformed into a through loop, creating a second new cross-Manchester route and vastly improving airport links.

Routes in south Manchester will be reinstated to connect to the restored Woodhead route and create a dedicated coast-to-coast freight railway.

For further information please refer to:

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M08 HSUK Potteries map

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M10 HSUK Manchester & Peak map

M83 HSUK TransPennine Infrastructure Diagram

R02 HSUK North Country Rail Strategy

R04 HSUK North-West Rail Strategy

R05 HSUK TransPennine Rail Strategy

R06 HSUK Potteries Rail Strategy

S01 HSUK CrossCountry services

S02 HSUK TransPennine services

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S10 HSUK TransPennine service diagram

T05 HSUK/HS2 performance compared for Chester

T07 HSUK/HS2 performance compared for Crewe

T15 HSUK/HS2 performance compared for Liverpool

T18 HSUK/HS2 performance compared for Manchester

T19 HSUK/HS2 performance compared for Man. Airport

T25 HSUK/HS2 performance compared for Preston

T27 HSUK/HS2 performance compared for Stockport

T28 HSUK/HS2 performance compared for Stoke

T30 HSUK/HS2 performance compared for Warrington

“HS2 modelling is shocking, biased and bonkers.”

Margaret Hodge, Chair, Public Accounts Committee

“No economic case for HS2... it will destroy jobs and force businesses to close.”

Institute of Economic Affairs